Owens Corning Roof

Owens Corning Roof

Reviewing the products and components

Owens Corning

Owens Corning is the leading manufacturer of residential and commercial building materials and insulation products since 1938. They are one of the largest manufacturers of fiber glass products and they export to other countries. The range of products and accessories result in a robust roofing system for property owners and businesses. Owens Corning is also known for its safe working practices, slavery and human trafficking statements, and quality products.

Owens Corning's contractor membership networks such as the OC Preferred Contractor has enabled the member roofers to expand their business. The membership lets the roofers to install Owens Corning products and get special discounts.


Owens Corning's popular products include roofing, residential insulation, commercial insulation, composite solutions, and safety data sheets. Owens Corning is popular for its Total Protection Roofing System which lets the roof seal, defend, and circulate air. The ice and water barriers and synthetic underlayment seal the roof from moisture. The starter shingles, shingles, hip shingles, and ridge cap shingles defend the roof from external elements such as wind and hail. The intake ventilation and exhaust ventilation allow air circulation and prevent moisture buildup.

Owens Corning has eight shingle lines for property owners to choose from.

  1. Berkshire
  2. Devonshire
  3. Duration STORM
  4. Duration Premium COOL
  5. Duration Designer
  6. Duration
  7. Oakridge
  8. Supreme

Users can choose the shingles based on their budget, color preferences, warranty choices, or HOA rules. Users can view the design using the interactive visualization tool from Owens Corning.


Owens Corning roofs are widely installed and they have popular warranty choices. Replacing the components is simple as they are available nationwide. Finding a preferred contractor who can install as per required specifications is easy. If your roof is installed by a preferred contractor from Owens Corning, you can get additional warranty options from Owens Corning. Finding a retailer or distributor is also possible with the help of their website.

Owens Corning Roofs are assembled with components that can withstand extreme conditions such as wind, hail, ice, snow, and storms. The shingles are having architectural design and some are made with algae resistance materials. Energy efficient roofs and cool roofs are possible with Owens Corning Roof. The shingles can be installed in areas with extreme cold and extreme hot temperatures. Owens Corning Roof has pink insulation from the manufacturer which is suggested to be installed for their roofs.


Owens Corning Roof weighs more per square foot than a similar competitor product. Owens Corning nailing design keeps changing which makes any upgrades or re-roofing difficult. The shingles work better only if installed with other components from Owens Corning. The Duration shingles color varies from catalog to installation and the user may be forced to change the exterior paint.

Other problems with Owens Corning Roof is that the shingles fade unevenly and give an ugly look to the house. The shingles tend to fall off easily within first few years of installation. The installation of the shingles is also difficult due to the normal sizes of the shingles and many nails are wasted due to the lack of guided nailing.

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Ownes Corning Roof promises wind resistance up to 130 miles per hour but shingles were noticed to fall off even at 30 miles per hour. The warranty does not cover installation and labor and the Owens Corning Roof shingles are not rated for hail damage. If your roof is not installed by a preferred contractor, your warranty may not be valid at all. You need to register your Owens Corning Roof by yourself to claim any recoveries in future.

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